Gratis bloggen bei

sooo ... here we go...

first of all, this project should have been something else, than it is now. i asked sylvine to work on a blog so i can link her... she said "i cannot do this" and i told her, i will teach her... but she wanted me to build OUR blog, not hers. and because of being nice and gentile, i said "yes"... we could have done everything on our own, but this is the easiest way for both, to write and so on...


so, this page should be about me.

1. speaking english is not the best attribute i am featured to...

2. french would be worse ^^

3. i am addicted to music, psychologie, philosophie, art, literature, tea, café, chocolate, patchouli, sleeping, learning and serial killers...

4. i hate the human kind, target-group-people, egoism, anti-semitism, fashism, tokio-hotel-ism ^^, the impressionism, colorful things - i am black-hearted <3

5. i am a student... i will be a headshrinker [psychotherapist] when i have finished... and that will be round january 2009... yeeeha 

6. i am totally weird, crazy, fanatic, depressed, silly, creativ, introvert, smart, funny, sarcastic, cynical, empathic, silent, small, arachnopobic, claustrophobic, agoraphobic, acrophobic

7. i love the numbers 13 and 3 O.o

8. i would love to get this count up to 13

9. but i dont know what to write

10. maybe you could visit my website

11. here it is


13. well done, éef ^^



thanks for reading (;