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ultimate destination - eden

i would love to be there... garden eden... just peace, nature, sun, moon, wind, water, trees, grass... everything i need for life.. take some people with me... i think it would mostely be up to 4 i'd like to come along.. also you, sylvine...

syl is cute... she send me a packet by post... looooads of sweets... ones, we dont have here in germany.

now i need to find some they dont have over there. first i was thinking of the best chocolate ever: "kinder"...  but they have almost everything of that...

hum... but i will search and find stuff. she sent me some tea as well... i love tea. she really did something good to me. i was damn happy, when it arrived. i felt a little important. and thats fukin rare in my mind.

 some shit happened as well. my money is out. and i had to squarrel with social assistens office.. no i get money, but still, i dont know how much. the "fight" with my father sucks as well... everything is like a barrier, which dont want me to go on in life. to have success or just a little luck. i wouldnt bother if i had enough power and force to fight...

i will lay myself down now. speak a little to Y. i hope... and then: sleep... all day long, tomorrow....  

13.9.07 23:28

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