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Geno my dear

I waited for you all the week end lol ! (quite), i had connection pb so i couldnt leave a message, so sorry. yeah it is a new life, past is behind me, but you are part from my present and my future, i don't forget you.

this evening i wanted to begin to buy things for you, but too tired and too late. but i will go tomorrow, i want to send you a big packet lol !!!!!

 trust in life my dear, i know it can be so difficul, but you have beautiful things to live, i'm sure, i'm certain: we have to meet us !!!! first ! and then, when you will have tidy your mind and let place for the future, it will be better...

 nice german friend, i like you, and even if i havent a lot of time in this moment, i'm here !

3.9.07 20:33

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