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last days of...

... being here, at my mum's home... need to go to the dentist, controlling... hope he will say "everythings ok" and i can leave as quik as possible.. i hate dentists... but i need this fuckin stamp in my bonusthingy..


everyday i have a look into this diary, but my friend sylvine doesnt say a word -cries- since today, she works in a new company. i hope, she will be happy there. new company, new aera in life. everyday is kind of new aera.

but mostely we recognize, when something huge happens. like end of school, ending relationship, moving away and so on... i just wonder, why i cannot see good things in changes. why i cannot leave things behind...

the past isnt past... no... it is just the moment. stuck in the past. i cannot get out.

and i hate it!!!! 

3.9.07 10:45

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