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life, death, which one ?

Life can be so easy and beautiful sometimes, so cruel other times. You can someday ask yourself which one to choose, between life and death. can we think life is egoist ? we are egoist if we want to die cause we don't care about persons who love us, we are egoist when we don't want people to live us cause they hate life, ya so cruel.

 who can help us ? give us a way to follow ? (eccept religion)


2.10.07 21:06


oh my gosh -.-

he isnt what he told me to be. But that is not a problem in my eyes. I think it is kinda cute that he wanted to impress me. And I like him. No matter what his job is... i tried to reach him, but i cannot... this waiting is terrible... i want him to call me. or to send me an SMS... i feel like getting crazy O_o

even though we just know each other some days, i like him and it would be terrible if we split up! i do not want that! there neednt be a second chance, it is no problem, no reason to end up or anything..

i hope, he calls me.. soon... ): 

19.10.07 19:31

wahou so much time !!

hum just a post, small post cause i havent said nothing for a long time !!! i have to finish the part on my life (hum very interesting !!) and to be on holidays (hum not at this moment, grrrrrr)

 see ya geno my dear !!!

30.10.07 19:24