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first notes of me


i have to write some words too... shared words of me and myself :P

i don't know yet, what this page will look like in some days. even it is a project, just for fun... actually, i just wanted to create a page for syl, to link her... but she had the idea to build a page, for us two...

so, here we are... the problem is, we both cannot speak english :P

so we will switch between francais, english, deutsch....

my day was quite good, have been to düsseldorf, went over "kö"... drank café de lux :P 

tomorrow, mick will come over... yeah, long no see... have loads to do...

i hope, the weather will be fine, so that we could enjoy some days at the little sea... and drink loooooaaaaads of tea!! hmmm...

i am fucking tired... need to listen to some music now!

shining! my new fav band.


so long...


geno am 24.8.07 21:14

first notes

hi.... this is my first note in this diary... strange sensation that everyone will be able to learn what i wrote !

i have things to say about Geno and i but maybe can i put it in the past, or somewhere else !

i won't every day write each detail of my day, first of all because my english is quite bad, then, because it s not interesting ! so i will put here some states of mind, things like that.

 Geno has built this space and i love what she did. I wish this shared space is the beginning of a long franco-german friendship. At the end i have to speak german very well, and geno, french !!! ya, bis gleich !

sylvine am 24.8.07 10:28

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