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last days of...

... being here, at my mum's home... need to go to the dentist, controlling... hope he will say "everythings ok" and i can leave as quik as possible.. i hate dentists... but i need this fuckin stamp in my bonusthingy..


everyday i have a look into this diary, but my friend sylvine doesnt say a word -cries- since today, she works in a new company. i hope, she will be happy there. new company, new aera in life. everyday is kind of new aera.

but mostely we recognize, when something huge happens. like end of school, ending relationship, moving away and so on... i just wonder, why i cannot see good things in changes. why i cannot leave things behind...

the past isnt past... no... it is just the moment. stuck in the past. i cannot get out.

and i hate it!!!! 

geno am 3.9.07 10:45


i am visiting my mum, so there is no time to think of writing diary.

that sucks cause i'd love to work on this page. but i cannot. 

soon, i will be back at my home. i will use time to make some graphics.


the visit by mick was great, we had loads of fun, tea and muffins..

i need to go off, my mum is calling...... 

geno am 31.8.07 20:15

i'm young

I'm young, and i'm becoming myself. but i think because of that i can change the world, I'm a believer, with some words i will change states of mind. But i can't say to someone wake up and walk.

I believe in life, i believe in human kind which will be nice with my help, but i'm only a piece of this world, nothing else. but it is difficult to see reality when you are young. and it is a fight to stay at my place...

I'm young... too young maybe

sylvine am 30.8.07 16:44


eh eh is your freezer tidy lol ???? funny girl

Yah, yesterday, i lost my mind in commercial explanations, but i could stay alive !

And today, i'm lost in a big rotative world, made of stress and urgency, because people came from holidays, and they run over my tranquility and my loneliness, strange and awful sensation of disorder and inunderstanding, whereas the sun goes high in the sky of the city, down in my head full of tiredness (fatigue).

At this moment, i'd like to run away from this sad and human reality and to go to enchanted lands, made nature and ... silence...

Sylvine am 27.8.07 16:04

ever éef


just wanted to share some words.. yesterday mick arrived. we went to supermarket :P and we cleaned the kitchen xD no. just the freezer.. than i cooked and after that, we watched saw part one.... i designed a new layout for my surrealism homepage.... i was sick of the old one.

today we wanna go to a little lake .. the weather is quite fine, sun is shining, so we will enjoy the day.. hopefully, we will (;

sylvine is writing her dissertation, so she bores me to death... tzzzz...

i create some links for micks homepage now...


geno am 26.8.07 16:16

One saturday on earth

Hei Geno ! Ya, i could ask myself lol. But don't worry, i don't regret you are a girl !! So, today is a normal saturday on earth, with some dissertation to do, cause i'm lazy so i didn't do this before....but deadlines will come very soon. To find inspiration, i'm listening Anorexia (ya Geno, i listen iot !), Cradle (long time i didn't listen), Apocalyptica and Inon Zur. i'm sad, i'd like to do a nice post, but nothing original. so tant pis !!!


Sylvine am 25.8.07 12:58


haha, i just recognised, that sylvine thought, i was a boy!!!

thats cute ^^

no, i didnt talked to ya, because i wanted you.. i was just interested in improving french :P


alors, bonne nuit
geno am 25.8.07 00:30

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